Lessons from Wisdom Teeth

On Friday, I gained the experience of having my wisdom teeth removed. Now that I am on the mend, I could almost try to romanticize it as a rite of passage, but most of you know the truth:
It is unpleasant and I’m hungry all the time.

In order to aid the healing process, I’ve been focusing my limited energy on staying well. Every day it’s been early to bed, early to rise. Breakfast is consumed every morning (a meager one, but it’s better than nothing) Medications have been swallowed with more regularity than vitamins. I haven’t had a hot cup of coffee in six days (but that’s going to change, let’s be realistic).

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The Old Astronomer

the starry night

It is a beautiful privilege to be someone’s confidant.

Many people may share in our joys, but only a few know the depths of our grief. This is as it should be, for only a few can be trusted with the secrets we’ve held under lock and key.

Over the years, some of the dearest people have come to me with their joys and heartaches. When you are considered trustworthy, you learn so much about yourself and those around you.

Every one of us is fragile. We fight desperately for hope, but we can break so easily.

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